The Passionate Focus pendant is an original design by Shankari the Alchemist, handmade in Sterling Silver featuring a powerful combination of stones including a large Strawberry Quartz heart set with a Garnet and a Red Spinel gemstone, decorated with handmade Sterling Silver wings and leaf. Strawberry Quartz is for Passion. It will help you Focus your intent and develop your Powers of Manifestation. Strawberry Quartz assists us with growing our personal power. The Garnet is for your Sweetness, Passion and Wealth. Focus on the Sweet things in life and experience a new sense of appreciation. Develop your Passion into activities that generate Wealth. The Red Spinel is for Releasing Fear and Passion. Let go of your fear of failure and have faith in your destiny. Allow your Passion and Trust to carry you through times of uncertainty.  The large handmade Sterling Silver Leaf in the design represents the full growth of your potential. The Wings represent your Freedom. This three stone design will support your Creativity and help you reveal the Artist inside of you. Reveal your creative Spirit with this powerful Shankari Pendant.

Passionate Focus

SKU: 25513-13-4-14
  • Gem Stone Energy Descriptions:
    Red Spinel: Releasing Fear of the Future,                                                                                                       
    Garnet:  Sweetness, Passion & Wealth
    Strawberry Quartz: Focus, Passion, Power,
    Wings: Freedom,
    Sterling Silver Gemstone Pendant.


    Limited Edition and Completely Hand-made. It measures approximately 3.4" tall by 1.4" wide
    (5.5 by 2.2 cm). Design by Shankari.

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