The Compassionate Healer pendant is a unique design by Shankari the Alchemist, handmade in Sterling Silver. Inspired and Created in Sacred Space, featuring a beautiful Red Agate carving of Quan Yin seated on a handmade Sterling Silver lotus over a Red Druzy Quartz, a Garnet gemstone and a Ruby gemstone. Quan Yin is the Moon Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. She will provide Femininity and Peace. The Garnet gemstone is for your Sweetness, Passion and Wealth. The Ruby is for Nobility and Wealth. It will support your ability to generate more Prosperity and experience Abundance. This spectacular design features a stunning piece of Druzy Quartz. This is the interior wall of a geode crystal egg. Each sparkling point is the tip of a baby Crystal forming in the Geode. These countless crystal points indicate the Abundance of Possibilities that lay before you. Remember that the only limitations are the ones you create for yourself. This piece of Druzy Quartz is the color of deep Red Earth, sparkling with Stars. The Sterling Silver Swirls that curl in each direction, represent the Balance between Masculine and Feminine energy. This four stone design will help you maintain your Stability. Be guided by the Goddess with this dynamic Shankari pendant.

Compassionate Healer

SKU: 2QY51-8C-7-12
  • Gem Stone Energy Descriptions:
    Druzy Agate: Release Fear Of The Future,
    Garnet: Sweetness Passion, Wealth,
    Quanyin Carnelian: Nignity, Balance & Inspiration,
    Ruby: Nobility & Wealth,
    Sterling Silver Gemstone Pendant.


    Limited Edition and Completely Hand-made. Design by Shankari.

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